As it does with other technologies, PCI's approach is help you make it happen, not just provide awareness. For reengineering, first we help you identify and/or clearly state the problem. If reengineering, or engineering a new process from scratch, is appropriate, PCI will work with you to charter and select a cross functional team to lead the change. Then we facilitate the team using one or a combination of the four Rapid Breakthrough Events.

  1. During the reengineering workshop, PCI will facilitate the team to:
  2. Clearly define the problem in measurable terms.
  3. Define the deliverables (objectives).
  4. Ensure that the correct core and extended team members are part of the cross-functional change team.
  5. Develop a flowchart of the desired process using a technique to tap people’s ideas and then synthesize the ideas into a new process that addresses all relevant roles and responsibilities,
  6. Develop a project plan that enables the team to develop a detailed set of tasks, with names and durations. These tasks are actionable, measurable, and related to each other. When completed, the team should accomplish their objectives -- on time, on budget, within spec, within target, without defects, and maintaining a personal life.
  7. Develop and agree upon milestones for the project. And,
  8. Present the proposed changes to management for approval.

Then the team will begin to complete the action items to implement the new process.

The outputs of this workshop will be a flowchart of the new process, a Gantt chart, a PERT chart, and individual listing of the action items. 

The outputs will contain linked tasks, dates, and resources, and a list of action items with due dates for each person. In these documents, you will have a measurable and manageable actionable plan to turn the vision of reengineering (or creating) a business process into a reality.

The duration of this reengineering process varies with the complexity of the problem. However, at the end of 3-5 days for most problems, the team will have created a new process flowchart and have an implementation plan ready for management's approval. 

Then, if the scope of the change fits a Process RBE, the changes will take place immediately. If the scope fits a Value Stream RBE, PCI will periodically follow-up with the implementation team to ensure that progress is being made according to the plan, and to see that obstacles to success are recognized and resolved.



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