The vast majority of Bill Sandras' activities occur at company sites helping teams of people achieve rapid breakthrough objectives. However, occasionally at the request of professional organizations, he will conduct a public presentation or seminar. If and when one is scheduled, it will be listed below.

Seminar and Presentation Topics

Over the years, Bill has given many presentations throughout the world for private and professional organizations. Some of the presentations include Lean principles and techniques, implementing Lean in manufacturing, product and software development, health care, and/or administration, linking Lean with Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Resource Planning, the Seven Core Six Sigma tools, the Seven New Management and Planning Tools, Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, and how to achieve visions by breaking them down into actionable and manageable steps. Some of the seminars and presentation have been given using simultaneous translation. A few of the public presentations are shown below:

Future Events

Bill Sandras has no public events scheduled at this time.




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