The morning sun is rising behind a cowboy sitting on his horse overlooking a dry riverbed. Years of experience show in the weathered lines of his face. Other riders, their horses pawing the ground aimlessly, are still wiping the sleep from their eyes. Suddenly, the first cowboy raises his hat above his head, lets out a sharp yip-yell, and charges down the embankment on his horse. Quickly the others follow. The thunder of pounding hooves and the shouts of cowboys fill the air. Dust is everywhere.

The message in this scene is simple: "In business you either make dust--or you eat it!” (Excerpt from the book Just-in-Time: Making it Happen by Sandras).

Lean and Six Sigma are two of today’s most powerful, rapid, and cost effective technologies to help organizations move to the front of the competitive heard. They will help you improve customer responsiveness, quality, delivery, cost, safety, and morale. They apply whether your organization is large or small. They apply whether your organization is established for-profit or not-for-profit, or even for-profit but not making a profit. They apply whether you make a product, process transactions, or serve people. Lean and Six Sigma can help you make dust, not eat it!

PCI will do more than help you understand Lean and Six Sigma; we help you implement these techniques to achieve your business objectives – quickly, safely, economically. In addition, PCI helps you translate difficult initiatives into actionable and measurable steps that your people can use to manage the change efficiently and successfully.

We’ll train your people in the Sandras Rapid Breakthrough Events, and show you how to create a systemic driver for continuous improvement. You and your customers will benefit greatly when you use PCI’s proven product, process, and service improvement methodologies. In addition, PCI will certify your people in our methodologies so that they can reapply what they have learned on their own to continuously help you meet new challenges and opportunities.

Here is the bottom line: PCI will help your people achieve your business objectives – safely, quickly and economically. We will keep your people focused on your business objectives, helping them always remember that Lean and Six Sigma are means to the objective, not the objective in themselves. And we will help you create a professionally trained work force that is self-sufficient in using some of today’s most powerful technologies to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. This equates to higher customer and employee satisfaction and increased profit. A winning recipe for all!

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