The mission of Productivity Centers International (PCI) is to help organizations continuously improve their ability to satisfy their stakeholders through the safe, rapid, and economic implementation of Lean and the core Six Sigma technologies. 

Specifically, we help organizations:

  • Focus on the higher level business objectives of why they are leading change, rather than on just implementing Lean or Six Sigma,
  • Develop actionable and measurable plans, and manage projects to achieve the objectives,
  • Implement Lean and Six Sigma to reduce waste, variation and defects,
  • Reengineer constraining and unresponsive production, administrative, and service processes,
  • Implement a systemic process for continuous improvement,
  • Incorporate the necessary behaviors to sustain the changes, and
  • Certify their own people to become self-sufficient in Lean and the core Six Sigma technologies.



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