One of the values of a Lean / Six Sigma consultant is his/her ability to share "hands-on" experience with implementation and problem solving teams. These days most consultants at least know how to spell Lean, JIT, MRP, TQM, and maybe even Six Sigma. Many have even worked in an organization using these technologies after they were implemented. Some have studied techniques to smooth flow, reduce variation, and plan resources. But, only a few have actually lead multiple implementation efforts of each of these technologies in their own factories. Even fewer have linked them together to harness the synergy among them. And fewer still can take that implementation experience and successfully show others how to make the necessary technical and behavioral changes. Bill Sandras is one of those few.

An experienced consultant should be a periodic advisor to the implementation team, and to executive management. If the education and project planning is done properly, there are few reasons for the expert to remain on site. The implementation project plan resulting from a Value Stream Rapid Breakthrough Event (VS-RBE) shows the team what they need to do – in definitive and measurable terms. The primary purposes for the periodic follow-up visits by the expert (i.e., sensei or master teacher) are to help the team:

  • Stretch their expectations,
  • Broaden their thinking,
  • Learn from the experiences of the expert,
  • Become aware of potential opportunities, problems, and solutions that they may have overlooked,
  • Maintain confidence,
  • Move past areas of indecision or differences,
  • Better focus the efforts of the resources,
  • Have a spokesperson to "tell it like it is" without fear of job repercussions,
  • See the broader perspective of their efforts, and
  • Provide management with an independent assessment of progress, concerns, and results.

Bill Sandras will perform the above functions for you and your organization to help you quickly, safely, and economically achieve implementation success, followed by continuous improvements and self-sufficiency. 

In addition, it is the PCI’s intent for you to become self-sufficient in the application of the Sandras Rapid Breakthrough Events and in the technologies that we teach and help you implement. Some consulting organizations design their offerings so that you remain dependent on them. There may be more money for the consulting organization with that approach, but it does not fit with PCI’s values. We want you to become independent, not dependent.

And one last important point regarding consulting -- just as you will experience a learning curve to implement Lean (JIT), the consultant also has a learning curve to understand your people, processes, products, and problems. If the consultant is always the same person, that person can leverage what he/she learns to other implementations within the same site and/or to other sites within the same company. Productivity Centers International will not “close” the contract with one consultant, and then “send” others in to do the work. Bill Sandras will be the only consultant you deal with from start to finish. (Note: If the scope of the work requires multiple resources, that person(s) will also be very experienced and will be identified in advance. No surprises!)



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