The Alignment Rapid Breakthrough Event (A-RBE) will help your managers and subject-matter experts:

  1. Develop an understanding of how to support higher-level initiatives at the local level, particularly for those that are complex, lacking consensus, or where the approach is unclear.
  2. Translate local initiatives into actionable and measurable steps. 

Managers are continually dealing with complex, fuzzy, and non-quantifiable issues. Many organizations fly banners to stimulate unspecified action to improve customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency, teamwork, or safety. Most are quite commendable. Unfortunately, most are just banners or slogans to whip up enthusiasm. What is frequently lacking is an effective process to translate these worthy visions into actionable and measurable steps that will ensure that the vision happens. The Alignment RBE will enable your people to do that. 

The Alignment RBE uses a rigorous set of techniques that employ different thinking styles to stimulate creativity and help you discover new insights. These tools yield a consensus understanding of the situation that other techniques are not capable of providing. (For more information on these tools, read Bill’s article titled The New Management and Planning Tools.)


  • Examples of where to use the A-RBE include:
  • Aligning local efforts to support higher-level initiatives.
  • Discovering how to prosper in rapidly growing, declining, or changing environments, 
  • Developing a world-class organization (e.g., manufacturing, political, health care, etc.), defining what that means and how to achieve it,
  • Creating a customer strategy (e.g., getting new customers, or keeping existing one), 
  • Establishing an international strategy (i.e., for manufacturing, marketing, distribution), and
  • Developing vision for any organization, and then creating a strategic plan with actionable items to ensure the vision occurs.



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