The Value Stream Rapid Breakthrough Event (VS-RBE) is designed to yield breakthrough results in 20-60 working days across a major product line or business activity. (Some may call the VS-RBE a kaikau since it yields broad improvements.)

The VS-RBE typically begins with the opening remarks by senior management to outline the business objectives for this event, to commit their support, and to challenge the cross-functional team to achieve breakthrough results. Next the team creates a current state Value Stream map. A value stream consists of all of the physical and informational activities necessary to produce a product or service from start to finish. Traditional process flowcharts depict how the work is to be done; a value stream map focuses on opportunities for improvement by highlighting sources of waste -- defects, inventory, waiting, lack of responsiveness, value adding vs. non value adding activities, etc.  

After mapping the current state, the team receives customized Lean and/or Six Sigma education to help them learn the techniques they can use to eliminate the waste and variation in their processes.

Next the team applies what they have learned to construct a future state Value Stream map. That is, they create a visual description of the desired or “to be” condition based on what they have learned.

Finally, the team will create a plan with specific tasks to close the gap between the current and future states. Each task will be linked to others and will have tangible deliverables, due dates, and the name of person responsible for completion. 

The outputs of this workshop will current and future state Value Stream maps, a Gantt chart, a PERT chart, and individual listing of the action items. Periodic follow-up sessions with management and Bill Sandras are also scheduled. 

In these documents, you will have consensus on a manageable, measurable, and actionable plan to move from the current state to the future state in 20-60 working days.

For more information click on Value Stream RBE for Lean Implementation.



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